In modern domestic tragedy A Doll's House, to what extent can Nora, the protagonist, be classified as a true tragic heroine?

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One opinion regarding questions like this is that it is not necessarily agreed that this play is a tragedy, and thus it is hard to consider the characters tragic in any traditional sense of the word. Maybe it is just an interpretation, but although the ending of the play is obviously sad, some critics side with Mrs. Linde in thinking that the confrontation that Helmer and Nora have is necessary and healthy for their relationship. Nora's decision to leave and the slamming of the door gives the play a hopeful ending. We are presented with a Nora who has gained self-knowledge about her character and the role that she has had in her life, both as a daughter and as a wife. Now, Nora desires more self-understanding, independence and control, which she thinks is impossible to attain whilst still married to Helmer. The path that awaits her is very unsure and uncertain, but because she has grown so much some find it a path that is very inspiring and hopeful. So therefore some do not think Nora can be conceived of as a tragic heroine.

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