To what extent is the Australian Government effective in upholding principles of good government?   This pertains to principles, examples, and reforms.

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Australia's government is very similar to that of the United States, but with several distinct differences: 

1) Australia's constitution gives more power to their central government than the United States Constitution does to America's government. 

2) Australia's Prime Minister is not elected by the people like a U.S. President is.  He is appointed by members of Parliament based upon his affiliation with the party in power within the House of Representatives. 

3)  An Australian Prime Minister can only appoint members of the House or Senate to be ministers in his cabinet.  He can't, like the President of the United States, pick and choose from experts outside the legislative body of the country.

4)  Ministers within the Prime Minister's cabinet are civil servants, are appointed for life, and do not lose their jobs when a new ministry takes office. 

5)  Australian citizens, both men and women, who have a right to vote are required to vote and are penalized if they fail to vote.

I believe all these measures bring about greater solidarity, consistency, and participation within the Australian government, enabling it to be more effective in upholding principles of good government.   


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