To what extent is the Australian Government effective in upholding principles of good government?principles, examples & reforms

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It's a very relevant question that is being asked here.  I think that you have some elements that need to be outlined before progressing.  The first would be what you are going to use to define "good government."  This is a huge issue.  What do you mean by it?  What are some elements of an operational definition of what is meant by a "good government?"  What criteria are you using to determine it?  I would actually spend a great deal of time examining and analyzing the selection of this criteria before all else because it is going to be the guiding force which will allow you to better understand how to assess the Australian government.  After this, I think that the secondary issue might be what your time frame of the government is going to be used.  Are you going to be analyzing the actions and motivations of the Australian government over the last ten years?  Something more or a time frame that is less?  I think that these issues have to be addressed before any answer is offered.  Doing this will ensure that what is composed is a thorough and precise answer.

hsf93 | Student


identify concepts to be discussed (good governance, accountability and credibility), and how these often are in democracies (the vehicles by which they do so: see paragraphs).

Paragraph 1

Theme: Good Governance

Definition: good governance is a term used to describe how public institutions conduct public affairs and manage public resources. Governance describes "the process of decision-making and the process by which decisions are implemented".

Explain principles of GG and establish why it is important in a democracy (link to government process whether parliamentary – QT, committees,

Example of GG being upheld or not (Lack of consultation Mining tax)

Paragraph 2

Theme: Accountability

Define and identify elements of accountability (trust, power, consequences)

Explain why it is important in a democracy

Example: AWB and the Iraq Regime scandal

Paragraph 3

Theme: Credibility


Explain and establish why it is important in a democracy

Example: , backflip on ETS the "greatest moral challenge of our time"


Paragraph 4

Responsibility and Capability of Governments

In relation to upholding principles of Good Governance – can it be done given the factors they must contend with – an increasingly superficial media cycle, a cynical and disenchanted population, increasing vulnerability to global factors


Reiterate the examples and state whether they support the theory or raise more concerns than ever.

Time frame

Recent issues within the last few years dating back to the Iraq regime scandal