what is the expostion inciting incident rising action climax and resolution of the short story the open window?  

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Exposition: This is the part of the story that gives the time and place and introduces the characters.  This story takes place at Sappleton House in the country.  We are introduced  to Framton Nuttel, a man visiting the country to cure a nervous condition, and 15-year-old Vera.

Inciting Incident: This is the event that starts the problem.  Vera tells Framton Nuttel about the death of her aunt's husband and brothers on a hunting expedition three years ago.  She tells him the window is open because her aunt believes they are returning one day, and this is the anniversary of their death.

Rising Action: This part of the story adds to the problem and leads to the climax.  Mrs. Sappleton enters the room and apologizes to Mr. Nuttel for the open window, explaining that her husband and brothers will be returning from their hunt soon and enter the house through the window.  Mr. Nuttel casts a sympathetic look in Vera's direction, but she is gazing in horror out the window.

Climax: This is where the problem is resolved.  Mr. Sappleton comes through the window and greets his wife.  Mr. Nuttel leaves quickly, almost running into a cyclist coming down the road.

Resolution: This is where we find out what happened.  Mr. Sappleton wonders why Mr. Nuttel left so quickly, and Vera tells another tale about how Mr. Nuttel was afraid of dogs since he was chased by one into a newly formed grave in India and had to spend the night there.  The author lets us know that she had a lively imagination.