What is the exposition, rising action, climax, turning point, resolution, dénouement of Lord of the Flies?

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EXPOSITION.  We discover that the boys are on their way from England to the safety of Australia to avoid a nuclear threat to life in Europe. We learn some background information about Ralph and Piggy, but little else about the rest of the boys.

RISING ACTION.  The escalation of conflict between Ralph and Jack, the two oldest boys and leaders.

CLIMAX.  There could be several instances, but Piggy's death seems to be the most logical example. Ralph's escape from death could be another. 

TURNING POINT.  Jack's decision to take control, overthrown Ralph's position as chief, and the forced punishment for anyone not following his directives.

RESOLUTION.  Jack and his boys decide to put an end to all opposition, hunting down Ralph in order to kill him and make Jack the supreme leader.

DENOUEMENT.  The appearance of a naval officer on the beach assures that the boys will be rescued and their savagery ended.

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