What is the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution of "Twilight"?Please answer by today

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

“Twilight” is about Bella who goes to Forks on the Olympic Peninsula to be with her father. At school, she wonders about a group who sits together in the cafeteria but never eat. As she grows to know, and then love, Edward, she learns their secret. They are all rescued vampires, part of a family headed by Carlisle, renounce human prey. They welcome Bella, but when a group of tracker vampires fixate on her, the family is drawn into a pursuit to protect Bella. The plot follows events in a linear fashion. except at the very beginning: the Introduction serves as a teaser which starts with the most exciting part of the story, the climax, so that readers want to know more. Rising action is when Bella runs to escape James from the tracker vampires that threaten her. The climax is when James attacks Bella begins to rough her up. Just before he goes in for the kill Edward and the Cullens arrive and save her life.

Falling action is after the attack and Bella wakes up in the hospital, eventually goes home to heal and Edward takes Bella to the prom. The resolution is when James is killed by Emmet and Jasper. Edward has to suck Bella’s blood to remove James’ venom to save Bella.

udonbutterfly | Student

exposition- The exposition would be Bella coming to forks and getting settled into school. Then she begins to make friends and such.

rising action - The rising action would be:

                    1. James deciding to "track" Bella

                    2. Edward having to find somewhere safe for Bella to hide

                    3. Bella deciding to go to James.

climax- The climax would be Bella arriving to the studio of the tracker, James, who plans to kill her.

falling action : The falling action would be Edward and his family coming to rescue Bella from the dance studio and then Edward is faced with the task of sucking the vampire venom from Bella's blood.

resolution: The resolution would be that Bella ends up going to a school dance  with Edward and asks him to turn her into a vampire which she declines.

degrassite101 | Student

I'm not trying to be mean, it was just kinda bothering me. it says Isabelle. It's Isabella. The rest, 100%

bekkygirl1 | Student

Basically, Isabelle Swan moves to Forks, Washington, after her mother, Renee, marries a baseball player named Phil who has to travel. Since she knows that her mom wants to go on the road with Phil, she goes to Forks from Phoenix, Arizona, to live with her father, Chief Charlie Swan. While there, she attends Forks High School, where she meets some friends: Eric, Mike, Angela, and Jessica. The girls point out some strange students to Bella: the Cullen clan. They are all together romantically, except for the handsome Edward. Bella immediately falls for him, and they become a couple after getting past all the mysterious behaviors Edward was giving off. One day, during a baseball game with Edward's family, a vampire clan (James, Laurent and Victoria) comes. James smells Bella's wonderful-smelling blood and wants to kill her. Soon, she ends up in a ballet studio in her hometown of Phoenix, fighting him. This book ends with Bella and Edward negotiating on her becoming like him: a vampire. The DVD is coming out in March.