What are the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution of "The Most Dangerous Game"?

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junebug614 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Exposition -- Rainsford is traveling on a yacht and the reader learns of his hobby and enjoyment of hunting. He speaks with Whitney, who asks him how he thinks the animals feel during the hunt. Rainsford replies that he doesn't care - it's just an animal anyway. 

Rising Action - Rainsford accidentally falls off the ship and ends up on General Zaroff's island and in his gothic style mansion. Zaroff is relatively kind and welcoming, but something is off about him, his servant, Ivan, and his home. Rainsford then learns that General Zaroff has hunted all types of animals and now prefers to hunt men, because they have the ability to reason. 

Climax -- Rainsford learns that he is to become General Zaroff's next prey. He and the General participate in the hunt. Rainsford manages to set a trap and eventually kills Ivan, General Zaroff's servant. Zaroff chases Rainsford to a cliff.

Falling Action -- Rainsford jumps off the cliff and is presumed dead. Zaroff goes home and has a nice dinner. 

Resolution - Rainsford attacks General Zaroff in his home before bed. Rainsford kills Zaroff and sleeps in his bed that evening. 

readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For proper exposition, you need to give background information. Rainsford is a great hunter. In fact, he is headed to hunt more game. When we set Rainsford into the context of the 1920s, then we also realize that it is taking place during the time of exploring new lands. All of this adds to the mystique of otherness. 

The rising action is finding Zaroff. He displays an odd mixture of traits. On the one hand he is very charming, intelligent, and well-spoken. He also has impeccable manners. On the other hand, there seems to be something off about him. Why is he there alone with only one other person, Ivan? The reader is left wondering. 

The climax occurs when Rainsford finds out that Zaroff likes the thrill of luring people to his island to hunt them. At this point Rainsford, the hunter, becomes the hunted. During this time, Rainsford kills Ivan and eludes Zaroff by jumping off a cliff. 

The falling action occurs when the reader wonders what happens to Rainsford. Is he alive, dead?

The resolution occurs when Rainsford kills Zaroff and wins the fatal game. 

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

EXPOSITION.  We learn about Rainsford's hunting prowess and his newest expedition to South America, where his yacht is headed while passing through Caribbean waters.

RISING ACTION.  Rainsford is curious about Zaroff and his magnificent mansion, but he is repulsed when he finds that Zaroff now prefers hunting humans. Even worse, Rainsford discovers that he is to be the prey for Zaroff's next hunt.

CLIMAX.  Rainsford manages to elude Zaroff, killing Ivan and a dog before wounding Zaroff and diving off a cliff into the ocean. 

FALLING ACTION.  Zaroff returns from the hunt and has a nice meal before heading for his bedroom. There he finds Rainsford waiting for him.

RESOLUTION.  Rainsford apparently has won the final hunt, since it is he, and not Zaroff, who sleeps soundly in the Cossack's bed.

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