What is the exposition of Moonstruck?

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The basic exposition of Jewison's film concerns the life of Loretta, the protagonist.  In the tradition bound world of Brooklyn Heights, Loretta is seen to be an outsider.  She is 37 years old, unmarried and does not have children.  She works as an accountant in the neighborhood, and the exposition centers around her world.  She receives an engagement offer from her undertaker boyfriend, Johnny, and for a brief moment, it looks as if Loretta is going to follow the norm and embrace tradition.  The exposition of the film centers on the development of Loretta, in terms of how she carries herself, how she is perceived by the inward world of her Brooklyn Heights community, and how she perceives herself.  Jewison's primary focus is to ensure that the audience is able to appreciate and embrace Loretta as she is going to be the vehicle for the film.  The exposition's focus on Loretta is to make her someone with whom the audience will not find difficult embracing because the drama that unfolds is going to be contingent on her and the audience's connection with her.

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