What is exploratory research ?My posted  question is related with Research Methodology Subject

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Exploratory research is basically research that explores possibilities, patterns, ideas, hypotheses, or trends - but does not necessarily come to an exact conclusion about them.  It is a popular method of research in the scientific field because of the many outstanding and yet unanswered questions.

Typical research papers at the high school and undergraduate levels rely on previous publications and studies and typically draw conclusions based on information.  They are not exploratory in nature.

Exploratory research is done for theses and dissertations at the graduate level.  It is also used in the business world when companies are looking for trends in consumerism.  For example, Apple certainly invests in numerous exploratory research studies to analyze technological trends before launching new products like the iPhone and iPad.  Medical and drug research for incurable diseases is also largely considered exploratory research - as it is often inconclusive definitely, but can present patterns of reactions, trends in healthfulness, and broad perspectives of things that work and do not work.