What explanation does Jen's dad give for the computer message in Among the Hidden?

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Jen’s dad explained away the computer message by saying that he was working undercover in an online sting operation as the guerilla leader Jen.

Luke is an illegal child.  In his world, each family is only allowed to have two children.  Population Police make sure no one breaks the law.  Luke befriends Jen, who is also a third child.  Jen invites other third children to a rally, and they are all shot.

Jen’s dad tells Luke there is a secret door, and then yells at the police when they come in.  Not afraid, he asks them if they read their memos.

“…I reported to Central Command this morning that I was going to continue my sting operation in the illegal chat rooms.  See, I wrote, ‘Where’s Jen?’ and ‘Hello? Is anybody there?’, which is what some lost, confused third child who missed the rally might write.” (ch 29, p. 139)

Jen’s dad tells the policemen that they are not high up enough in the organization to know that he has been pretending to be a guerilla leader named Jen.  He reminds them that he’s a baron and threatens to sue.  They leave, and Jen’s dad tells Luke not to talk.  He bribed them with expensive coats, and now the house is bugged.

This incident shows that Jen's dad is clever and able to handle his emotions.  It also shows that despite his high position, he is not immune from suspicion.

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