What is the explanation of this quotation from "Split Cherry Tree"?Dave: I knew that pa would not be at home in the high school?

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dave is concerned about the differences in education, experience, and attitude toward life that will be very obvious if his Pa comes to the school with him. Dave recognizes that his Pa had not been educated in a school setting and didn't understand the need for 'book learning' at first. Because of the clash between the education Dave was receiving in the high school and the ideas Pa had, based on his experiences when he was in school, Dave knows that Pa will have a great deal of difficulty understanding what was being studied and why the students needed to know any of those subjects.

"I don't guess we had high schools in this county when you went to school!"

"No," says Pa, "jist readin', writin', and cipherin'. We didn't have all this bug larnin', frog larnin', and findin' germs on your teeth and in the middle o' black snakes! Th' world's changin'."

Dave also realized that Pa's attire would be very different from that of Professor Herbert and the students. He was apprehensive about the rifle he knew Pa would bring along with him, right into the school. Dave knew his Pa was a good man and hoped he would come to understand the changes that were taking place in schools, but he wasn't completely sure that things would work out at first.

Pa...ate with his knife instead of his fork...I wasn't ashamed of Pa after I found out he wasn't going to shoot Professor Herbert. I was glad they had made friends. I wasn't ashamed of Pa. I wouldn't be as long as he behaved.