Explicate "This was a poet-It is that"

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This poem is about poets and poetry. She defines what a “Poet” is (notice the capital letter) – one that is able to “distill amazing sense from ordinary Meanings (again, note the capital). The capital letters emphasize the importance of the words. What else is a Poet? An “attar so immense” – an attar is an odor, and this odor is from a “familiar species” – in this case, I believe she is referring to, again, “ordinary meanings.” So, a Poet is able to create something beautiful out of something simple.

A Poet can take his/her readers to an entirely different world through words. A beautiful poem forces one to look right at it – it captures you. It points out the poverty of the world outside of the beauty of poetry (Poverty –of portion). Realizing the beauty of poetry can be almost unconscious but once we realize it, it is with us forever, no one can steal it from us, because it is an image in our mind. Poetry is timeless – (exterior to Time).