What experience from life inspired Sachar to write Holes?I want to know what made Sachar write this book.

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The novel, Holes by Louis Sachar, was written as part of Sachar's young adult literature which reflected parts of his own life.  Sachar studied to become a lawyer and while studying, volunteered at an elementary school.  He graduated, became a practicing attorney, yet still volunteered at the elementary school. He began to write books about the school, became successful at it, and then began to write Holes.  Living in Austin, Texas, the heat first gave him the idea of Holes, and his experience with the justice system as a lawyer let him set the story within the confines of juvenile justice.  Sachar also brings in a sort of mythical element with the past which appears in the present with the friendship of Zero and Stanley.  Because juvenile justice does not always get things right, the same thing happens in Holes.  However, friendship and justice do prevail in the end which is perhaps what Sachar wished would always happen when he was a practicing lawyer.

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