What are the executive, legislative, financial, and judicial powers and functions of the British Cabinet ?

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kimfuji eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the UK, the main ruling body is the Cabinet chosen by the Prime Minister. Before becoming memebers of the Cabinet, they all are MP's

The highest members of the Cabinet are: the Deputy Prime Minister; the Foreign Secretary; the Chancellor and the Home Secretary. These appointments are announced as soon as the ruling party comes into power through election.

The UK's type of government is a Cabinet type, that is the Cabinet has special meetings to discuss the country's problems. It surmises different viewpoint, along with each sides argument, then decides and those decisions are backed by the entire Cabinet. Afterward, it translates into government policy, if it is also agreed upon by the House of Commons.

The Cabinet makes all decisions concerning relevant issues to the country. They must agree and act together for a policy to be instituted. Thereafter, it must pass the House of Commons to become law.