by Cynthia Lord

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What are the exciting elements of Rules by Cynthia Lord? 

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It sounds like you are writing a paper on the book Rules by Cynthia Lord, or perhaps your teacher has asked you to consider the book for class discussion. The author does not explicitly say what the exciting parts of her book are meant to be, so deciding what's exciting is up to you.

When you read the book, what did you find exciting? When Kristi moved into the house next door, did you share Catherine's excitement at the prospect of a new friend? What about when Catherine made new word cards for Jason to use to communicate? Were any parts of the book particularly stressful for Catherine or other characters?

To answer this question, you may also consider making a plot diagram to describe and organize the events of the story. You may have felt increasing interest or excitement as you got further into the book--this is called the "rising action" of the story's plot. The climax is the most exciting part of the plot. Below I have shared a picture of a plot diagram. I hope it will help you to organize your thoughts about the exciting events in the book Rules.

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