The Chrysanthemums Questions and Answers
by John Steinbeck

The Chrysanthemums book cover
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What excerpt from "The Chrysanthemums" foreshadows that Elisa is feeling trapped?

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The crucial moment of foreshadowing in the story occurs when Elisa sees a dark speck on the road and realizes, to her great sadness and disappointment, that the traveling tinker has discarded the bunch chrysanthemums she gave him.

Elisa feels hopelessly trapped all of a sudden. The brief period in which she'd known the tinker had given her hope of leaving behind her boring existence. Deeply unhappy and trapped in a loveless marriage, Elisa had seen the tinker as her means of escape. But she mistook his friendly overtures for something deeper and more enduring. The handsome stranger wasn't really interested in Elisa or her chrysanthemums; he simply wanted to get his hands on the pot that she gave him the flowers in.

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