What are examples of three Kenning's, and three Caesura's in the poem "The Wife's Lament".

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Kenning are condensed metaphors used to describe objects. If one word in the kenning is also the name of the object, this is known as a half-kenning. 

Examples from this poem are: earth-hall (for her dwellings, a cave), heart-thoughts (for feelings), wave-tumult (for the sea)

Caesurae are pauses in the middle of the verse of an Anglo-Saxon poem and are usually marked with a comma or other punctuation in the middle of the line. 

Examples from this poem are: line 2 "my own wayfaring. I a woman tell"; line 7 "over the wave-tumult. I grieved each dawn"; line 17 "or faithful friends. For this my heart grieves:"