What examples are there of injustice in The Kite Runner?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there are several examples of injustice in Hosseini's text.  Obviously, I believe that Hassan's rape at the hands of Assef and his friends is one such example.  The rape itself is one example of injustice.  This is compounded with the silence that Amir displays at such an event.  From this, I think that the discrimination that Hassan and his father face as Hazzara is representative of the injustice that they both experience, but then is displayed in a larger sense when the Taliban assume control of Afghanistan.  Certainly, the text displays injustice throughout the Taliban rule of Afghanistan.  There is much in way of repression that is shown to be synonymous with Taliban rule.  In this, there is injustice.  The central premise of seeking to "be good again" that is established in the exposition of the work helps to bring out that injustice is something that can be righted, wrongs being rectified.  I think that this is something in which one can see the power of injustice as well as the call to change within this.  In this, there are distinct examples of injustice, but also the ability to change such conditions.

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