What are examples of subjective/objective cases in brave new world,

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Let us consider Brave New World as having those who are subjective and those who are objective.  In this case, Bernard is certainly subjective, hoping to ingratiate himself with the Controller and avenge himself  against the Director by bringing back to the New World his son, John the Savage.  On the other hand, Helmhotz is more objective and warns Bernard about his emotional outbursts and actions.

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Are you talking about pronouns and grammar here?  If so, the subjective case is seen whenever the pronoun is a subject.   So, in the first chapter we see an example of this when the DHC is being described:

He had a long chin and big rather prominent teeth...

In the objective case, the pronoun is the object of an action, not the subject.  In the following passage, "them" is in the objective case while "he" is subjective.

...he gave them, while the pencils scurried illegibly across the pages, a brief description of the modern fertilizing process...