What examples of the Socratic Method can be found in Socrates' Apology?

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Socrates created what has become known as the "Socratic Method," a plan for determining the truth of someone's statements. Ironically, Socrates is on trial and awaiting a judgment of the death sentence upon Plato writing his Apology, and so he has the perfect opportunity to determine statements of truth and falsehood.

In the book, Plato lays out a set of examples to prove Socrates's wisdom and uses his method to determine their truth. The most poignant example is when he tells the story of a man who asks the Oracle if there is any wiser than Socrates. Learning that no one is wiser, the friend goes throughout the entire region interrogating people to determine whether or not they are as wise as Socrates. In his pursuits, the friend realizes that all of them are unwise and therefore do not hold up to Socrates.

This method of presenting a statement and then questioning it for a period to determine if there is a contradiction is the root of the Socratic Method, and it is used to good effect in...

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