What are examples of snow/water imagery/symbolism in the novel A Separate Peace? Explaination please!

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Usually the seasons represent a time in each of our lives.  Spring represents birth, for example. Summer represents youth; fall represents maturity; and winter represents old age or death.  The elements of each season also coincide with the meaning. As far as the water is concerned, remember there are two rivers in the story: the Devon and the Naguamsett. The Devon has fresh water and the Naguamsett has salty water from the sea and is very dirty and muddy in places. All of the fun durning the summer was had at the Devon river; however, the fight with Quakenbush happened at the Naguamsett when the story has shifted from a fun summer story to the dark times of hardship (79-80). Keep following the imagery and relate it to the time of life as compared with the seasons and you should be good with your analysis.

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