What are examples of similes and metaphores in the book Slam!, by Walter Dean Myers?

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In this book that shows the triumph of the human spirit against impossible odds, there are plenty of examples of similes and metaphors in the way that Slam talks about his life and the challenges he faces, but also the deep and abiding love of basketball that he has. Note, for example, how he introduces himself to the reader and how he describes his love of his favourite sport:

I'm six four, and I got the moves, the eye and the heart. You can take my game to the bank and wait around for the interest.

This quote is an example of an implied metaphor, as the speaker is comparing his skill and talent in basketball to a financial investment that is so secure and safe that you can do nothing more than "wait around for the interest," as success is guaranteed. The speaker is somebody who clearly has a great deal of faith in his own level of ability and his talent in basketball, and he uses the above metaphor to express that confidence in his own brilliance. It is interesting to that he also says he not only has "the moves" to be good at basketball, but also the "eye," or the perspective necessary, and lastly, and perhaps most importantly, "the heart," which suggests he has the passion and the drive necessary to achieve excellence.

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