What are examples of Scout's courage in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Examples of Scout's Courage:

  1. She is laughed at in Boo Radley's yard when the kids are playing roll in the tire. She runs away, yet she feels no obligation to tell about the situation to anyone.
  2. Scout has no problem picking fights with boys, no matter the circumstances. Throughout the story, readers learn that Scout has physically fought with Cecil Jacobs, Walter Cunningham, and her cousin Francis.
  3. Scout is poked fun at during the Missionary Tea that Aunt Alexandra hosts at their house. Instead of letting her anger get the better of her, she holds it in. For her, that took great courage.
  4. During Uncle Jack's visit at Christmas time, Scout courageously used profane language to get attention. Most kids would fear punishment.
  5. Scout shows courage when she walks right up to Walter Cunningham Sr. at the jail the night that Atticus goes to guard Tom. She has no qualms dealing with a variety of scary looking men.
  6. Scout and Dill together approach Mr. Dolphus Raymond during the trial. This man is considered dangerous to most, but Scout and Dill welcomed his friendship.
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