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What are the examples of Romanticism and Realism in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "Death Constant Beyond Love"?

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"Death Constant Beyond Love", or "Muerte Constante Mas Alla del Amor" (1970) by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a brilliant example of Romantic or Realistic literature. The elements of Romantic literature are based precisely in the use of the senses to convey imagery and emotion that is easy to relate to, and which appeals to our everyday lives.

In "Death Constant Beyond Love", we can appreciate a myriad of instances where Marquez brings descriptions and facts that are direct, sometimes crude, and sometimes even rude to the reader who is used to metaphorical or allegorical writing.

The first example we find, in typical Marquez fashion, is in the first sentence of the text; it is in the clarity, and in the direct way in which Marquez addresses the topics of death and love in one same sentence.

Senator Onesimo Sanchez had six months and eleven days to go before his death when he found the woman of his life

We also find vivid depictions of everyday things, from health, to politics, to racism, and of...

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