What are examples of Romanticism in chapters 4 and 6 in Frankenstein? I have a brief understanding of Romanticism and any help on furthur knowledge of the the subject would help tremendously!

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When looking at the Romantic aspects of Shelley's novel Frankenstein, one must be sure to be able to identify the characteristics of the British Romantic period (1798-1832). While some of the characteristics carried over to the American Romantic period (1800-1860), the British Romantics were novel (introduced) with their ideas and general characteristics. British Romantics highly influenced the American Romantics.

Typical characteristics of the British Romantics were:

1. Imagination consisted of the idea's formed in an individual's mind. Imagination was not influenced by Enlightenment thought.

2. The British Romantics embedded Gothic elements in their texts. These elements tended to be riddled with terror and horror.

3. Nature offered the peace desired by mankind which man-made things could not supply.

4. Mankind desired personal freedom.

5. Man's natural goodness is highlight or brought...

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