What are the examples of propaganda in chapter 8 of Animal Farm?

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Once the pigs gain full power in Animal Farm, propaganda is one of their most effective tools and is something used quite a bit.  This is no exception in chapter 8 of Orwell's work.  One example would be Squealer's reading off of the statistics that seem to indicate that food is plentiful and bounties evident, but reality shows a much different story.  The manner in which Napoleon is elevated to an "emperor- like" status is another example of propaganda, especially regarding in how the animals are taught to refer to him as such:

“our Leader, Comrade Napoleon,' 'Father of All Animals,' 'Terror of Mankind,' 'Protector of the Sheep-fold,' and 'Ducklings’ Friend."

Minimus' poem in "honor" of Napoleon is another example of propaganda, especially in the manner in which it is prominently displayed next to the Animalism commandments.  This is propaganda because it seeks to link Napoleon's praise to a set of principles that sound good in theory, but have been discarded in Napoleon's practice.  The windmill being called "Napoleon Mill" as well as the constant rumor mongering that implicates Snowball in anything wrong are other examples of propaganda in the chapter.