What are examples of heroism in Night by Elie Wiesel?  

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1. In chapter 3, an inmate approaches Elie and his father before the selection process and asks them their ages. Elie and his father give the prisoner direct answers by telling the inmate they are fifteen and fifty years old. The inmate instantly corrects them by telling Elie to say he is eighteen and by telling Elie's father to tell the Nazi officers he is forty. This small act of heroism by a random inmate benefits Elie and his father and possibly saves their lives.

2. Later on in the chapter, the prisoners are forced to strip naked in front of the officers in their new barracks. Elie mentions that Béla Katz was able to sneak them a note telling them to not appear physically strong in order to avoid arduous work. Elie and his father take Béla Katz's advice and end up avoiding the draining work. Béla Katz's selfless note is considered a small act of heroism.

3. In chapter 6, the prisoners are forced to evacuate in the middle of the night and jog through the snow....

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