Night Questions and Answers
by Elie Wiesel

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What are two or three examples of a good thesis statement for the novel Night?

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It's difficult to create a thesis statement without first choosing a topic. Once you choose a topic, thing about something about that topic that you'd like to prove. For example, Night has several examples in which the Jews are put in such terrible situations that they begin to act like animals, forgetting their own families in order to survive. Your thesis statement could be something like this:

When placed in extreme survival situations, Eli and other Jews in his situation behave in animalistic ways. 


Another main idea throughout the text is the way in which Eli's faith is tested throughout the difficulties he endures. He finds it difficult to trust that God is a benevolent being, or even exists at all, in the face of such horror. You would trace this progression throughout the text, and your thesis statement for this essay could be:

Because of severe trial and adversity, Eli Wiesel questions his faith in God, despite being a faithful young man prior to his experiences. 


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Well, your thesis statement depends on the topic of your essay...

Topic: Insanity and Sanity
Eli Wiesel depiction of the hysterical Madame Schachter and Idek's enthusiasm for work demonstrates the greater insanity of the Holocaust.

Topic: God and Religion
Throughout the novel Night by Eli Wiesel, neither those who doubt or question God, as does Eliezer, nor those who never doubt, betray their faith.

Once you narrow down your topic from such a broad idea as the novel itself to maybe one theme within the novel, you will have an easier time pinpointing what it is you want to write your essay about.

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ritonia7 | Student

Before you can create a thesis statement, you need to think about one of the "big ideas" in the book.  From there, you can use specific conflicts and resolutions in the book to create a "supported opinion" or a thesis!

For example, a big idea in Night is night time.  In the book, Elie constantly refers to night as never ending, and most of the intensely horrific events in the story occur at night.  Eli and his family anxiously waited up all night to be transported to the ghetto, Elie was separated from his mother and little sister, he first saw the flames of the crematorium, he was forced to run from camp to camp in freezing conditions with little clothing, and finally he lost his father overnight.  

Using these examples, you can create a supported opinion about night and what the author is trying show the reader about night.  Your thesis could be: Night represents a time of suffering and uncertainty, even for those who are faithful.

Remember, thesis statements should include your big idea, your supported opinion, and a qualifying clause (if, when, because, even so, etc).