The Great Gatsby Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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What are some examples of Gatsby being a good man in The Great Gatsby?

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Jay Gatsby is portrayed as a charismatic individual whose primary goal in life is to marry Daisy Buchanan. Despite the fact that Gatsby engages in criminal activity to attain his wealth, there are several moments in the story in which he is depicted as a generous, benevolent, sympathetic man. Whenever Mr. and Mrs. Sloane and Tom Buchanan stop by Gatsby's home while they are out riding horses, Gatsby displays his benevolent, hospitable nature by offering them drinks. He also displays his naïveté and innocence by believing that the Sloanes actually want him to have dinner with them.

Jay Gatsby also demonstrates his personable, hospitable nature by opening his home to hundreds of strangers to enjoy his fabulous, expensive parties. Even though Gatsby has an ulterior motive for hosting the parties, he displays his sympathetic, generous nature by purchasing a new dress for a guest who ruined her outfit during one of his parties.

Gatsby's generosity is also on display when his father tells Nick

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