What examples from current events can you identify as providing evidence of democracy at work in America? Are there different kinds of democracy?

Expert Answers
marbar57 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One very good example of democracy at work in America is the upcoming Presidential election this fall. One of the main factors making up democracy is that the officials in high government positions have been put there by the vote of the people. Therefore, if we have corrupt officials, we the people have the power to remove them from office if enough of us vote to do so. Several times in our history, the popular vote of the people has been enough to sway the Presidential election, the winner being decided by a very small margin of votes.

It appears there are several different types, or forms of democracy in America today. They are Representative Democracy, Liberal Democracy, Direct Democracy, Socialist Democracy, Anarchist Democracy, Sortition, and Tribal and Concensus Democracy. All these different forms have the basic structure of a democracy which is comprised of two main parts: 

The officials exercising power have legitimate authority because they have been elected and the mechanism for changing the government is through peaceful and regular elections. 

The problem with democracies is those that make it into office aren't always the best candidates. Since the majority of the people who vote determine who serves in office, it is important that wise people elect wise officials.