The Open Window Questions and Answers
by Saki

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What are examples of foreshadowing in "The Open Window" by Saki?

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In Saki's "The Open Window," there is foreshadowing—defined as clues that suggest events that have yet to occur—soon after Vera enters the room where Framton Nuttel awaits her aunt. Nuttel is unsure if such a visit with a stranger will do much for a nerve cure for him. When she asks Framton Nuttel if he knows the people from the area and if he knows much about her aunt, Nuttel answers "Hardly a soul."

At the time that Vera, "the very self-possessed young lady of fifteen," asks Nuttel if he knows anyone from the area and if he is acquainted with her aunt, Mrs. Stappleton, she wants to determine to what lengths her "[R]omance at short notice" can go. Therefore, after Nuttel replies that he knows almost no one in the area ,...

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