What are the examples of epiphanies and paralyses in The Dubliners?

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Most Dubliners share the same trait: they are paralyzed and prevented from living fulfilling lives. Various characters recognize their inability to move forward, but most do nothing about it. Instead they blame other people for their own faults or pretend that there’s nothing wrong.

Eveline is an example of a paralyzed Dubliner. She lives a challenging life, caring for two children and her drunkard father who withholds money. She is charged with caring for the household as well as working. When she meets Frank, he is different and can offer her a way out. She sees him as a pathway to a new life, one in which she will be respected as a married woman and not need to worry that her father will abuse her. However, although she has the opportunity, she cannot leave Dublin. Her promise to her mother, her guilt at leaving her father, and her fear all play a role in paralyzing her. In addition, she never mentions that she loves Frank but instead thinks about how she must escape and he will save...

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