What are some specific examples of deception in Othello that are not said by Iago?

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There are certainly some instances of deception that are not perpetuated by Iago.

In Act III, Scene 4, Desdemona has lost her handkerchief and wonders aloud about its whereabouts. Emilia says she doesn't know where Desdemona's handkerchief could be. This is an act of deception on Emilia's part; she was the one who picked up Desdemona's handkerchief when Othello let it drop in Act III, Scene 3. After picking up Desdemona's handkerchief, Emilia takes it to Iago, who proceeds to plant it in Cassio's room. Iago's plan was to use Desdemona's handkerchief to frame Cassio.

Later, when Othello meets Desdemona and asks her to lend him her handkerchief, Desdemona tries to deceive him. First, she hands him a different handkerchief than the...

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