What are examples of courage, human weakness, humanity, or insight during the time period of the holocaust in the play The Diary of Anne Frank?

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lhc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Frank family, specifically Anne's parents, exemplified courage and humanity throughout their entire ordeal as described in Anne's diary.  For one thing, Anne's parents could have simply taken their daughters and gone into hiding, as Mr. Frank owned the business beneath the apartment where they were moving.  However, he invited the family's friends, the Van Daan's (real name, Van Pelt), adding two more adults and another teenager, Peter, to what would be a small, strained living environment with limited provisions.  Additionally, when a local dentist needed a place to hide, Mr. Frank insisted that he move into the apartment as well, even though Mrs. Van Daan vigorously objected, and there was no denying feeding another person with an already dwindling supply of food would be a hardship for everyone.

xixi743 | Student

Even during the tough times Anne found a way to make everyone happier while they celebrated Hannukah. Anne made presents for everyone, although she could've used those materials for herself to make of her own. She erased the answers in a crossword puzzle for her sister. And her sister exclaimed how it looked just like new. Don't you think it took a long time for her to do that?

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