What examples in Chapters 20-25 show the theme of loyalty and betrayal in the novel The Kite Runner?  Please help.

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These final six chapters describe the action that takes place between Amir's return to Kabul and his return to California with Sohrab. They primarily focus on Amir's show of courage on such an undertaking, and his redemption for his past misdeeds against Hassan. Examples of loyalty far outweigh that of betrayal.


  • Farid shows his loyalty to his new friend by volunteering to accompany him throughout the ordeal. He was originally hired only to drive Amir to Kabul, but his admiration for Amir and his mission fueled his own hatred of the Taliban.
  • The orphanage director spent his entire fortune to keep the orphanage open.
  • Sohrab sticks by Amir out of respect to the memory of his father.
  • Rahim's letter displaying his admiration for Amir's quest, and the money he leaves behind for Amir.
  • Soraya's agreeing with Amir's plan to bring Sohrab back to their home in California.
  • Amir stands up to the general regarding his insult of Sohrab.
  • Amir's renewed loyalty to Hassan and Sohrab is expressed by his offer to run Sohrab's kite.


  • The orphanage director's selling of children to the Taliban.
  • The Taliban's ethnic purging and indiscriminate killing of fellow Afghani citizens.
  • Sohrab's attempted suicide.
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