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What examples can you think of from our society of machines or technology that prevent us from solving problems?

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That depends in part on how you interpret this question.

For instance, I could say that my smart phone prevents me from solving problems in some ways. If I need to know the eighth President of the United States, I no longer have to memorize that information. I can simply look it up in a fraction of a second. If I cannot remember how the order of operations in algebra, I can look that up, too. If we continue to rely on our technological devices to solve our problems for us, how long will it be before the general human population cannot perform basic problem-solving tasks without the use of a technological device?

I would also say that the technology we sometimes trust as providing accurate information cannot always be trusted. There is a growing base of evidence that our search engines provide results to us with an actual bias, the algorithms developed to display some sources with higher rankings than others in possibly opinionated ways. Search engines can be manipulated to produce different results for different people using the same search criteria, trying to predict a user's own biases and predict the likely "best" matches. Sometimes finding what you want to read isn't the most scientifically accurate information.

I don't know if social media "prevents" us from solving problems, but sometimes it is used to ignite fires instead of work toward solutions. This is probably why the mantra to avoid reading comments on social media is a pretty good idea. Since almost everyone has access to social media, in some hands it is used to propel divisive sentiments. I truly think that in most cases, people who spew hatred on social media would not say the same things in person; thus, social media can be used to create walls between people and between groups of people instead of encouraging them to work face-to-face to find peaceful and helpful solutions for everyone.

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