What are examples of Buck using his instincts in his time in the wild?

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Buck, the dog in Jack London's book, The Call of the Wild, is first beaten by the men who have stolen him, he keeps attacking until he is beaten senseless.  When he awakes, he uses his instincts to let the man pet him, drinks the water and eats, and learns the law of the club. When Curly is attacked and killed, Buck learns the law of no fair play, that once you were down, you were as good as dead.  He watches carefully and learns with each experience.  He learns to dig in the snow for his own sleeping hole, to fight like the wolf with a quick slash, to steal food without getting caught, and to break ice to get his drinking water.  All of these help Buck survive and contribute to his becoming more like the wolf of his ancestors than the pet he once was.  Buck is the example of London's belief in "the survival of the fittest."