What are examples of betrayal in the book Lord of flies?  

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One example of betrayal in Lord of the Flies occurs early on when the boys first meet on the island.  Piggy reveals his unflattering nickname to Ralph, asking him not to tell the other boys.  Later at the first assembly, Jack mockingly calls Piggy 'Fatty' to which Ralph blurts out Piggy's old nickname for all the other boys to hear.  Later Piggy confronts Ralph:

"Piggy's classes were misted again--this time with humiliation.

'You told 'em.  After what I said.'

His face flushed, his mouth trembled.  [...] 'About being called Piggy. I said I didn't care as long as they didn't call me Piggy; an' I said not to tell and then you went an' said straight out---'" (25).

Ralph['s early betrayal of Piggy reveals his immaturity and lack of sensitivity when dealing with relationships.  The scene between the two boys also shows Ralph to be earnest and practical when he reminds Piggy that Jack's nickname was much more insulting. 


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