How is Anthem by Ayn Rand an anti-utopian story?

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Anthem is a dystopic work, rather than utopic, in that it portrays a society so absurdly and cruelly obsessed with a leveling notion of "equality" that it is sliding backwards towards barbarism.

People are assigned numbers at birth rather than names and forced to live in communal environments. Nobody is allowed to fall in love, because that would mean singling one individual out as better than the rest. Technology is being lost because nobody is taught to maintain or improve it.

Equality 7-2521's curiosity and intelligence are punished rather than rewarded, because his society doesn't want anyone to feel they are superior to anyone else. When he discovers the lost technology of the light bulb, this is seen as a problem rather than an act that should be rewarded. Social harmony and groupthink are valued more highly than allowing the few...

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