What are examples of ambition shown in Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451?

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The primary example of ambition depicted in the novel concerns Montag's pursuit of knowledge and desire to read literature. As a jaded fireman, Montag begins to read illegal books, consults Faber's advice regarding literature, and tries to quit his job in an attempt to engage in intellectual pursuits, which have been outlawed in Bradbury's dystopian city. Montag demonstrates ambition by risking his freedom and life in search of knowledge and truth. Fortunately, Montag is able to evade the authorities and joins a group of traveling intellectuals in the wilderness, who preserve knowledge by remembering complete works of literature in the hopes of one day cultivating a literate society.

Another example of ambition is Captain Beatty's dedication to censoring literature. As a jaded intellectual, Captain Beatty vehemently supports the government's censorship laws, takes pleasure in burning books, destroys the homes of intellectuals, and attempts to manipulate and confuse Montag. Faber also...

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