What is a example of Douglass' role in the Civil War?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The question is very vague.  From trying to examine the group this is in and the nature of the question, I would say that perhaps you are looking for how Frederick Douglass played a role in the Civil War.  Douglass' mere act of living would have played a role in the Civil War, as his narrative reflects the horrors of slavery and one that a nation predicated upon freedom and justice cannot tolerate.  Adding to this would be Douglass' role as an abolitionist after the war.  His lecturing, writing, and advocacy for the abolition of slavery plays a major role in the Civil War as he creates a wave of public opposition to slavery, helping to further the divide between North and South.  The question, from what I can see, is one in which we are to assess Douglass' role in helping to galvanize action resulting in the Civil War.  Certainly, Douglass was able to do that with his beliefs and passion about why slavery is both a political and moral wrong.  This increases animosity towards and from the South, helping to widen the growing divide.

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