What an example and the implication for the recall?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A recall, in American government, is when an election is held in which the people vote on whether to remove a political official from office before their term is up.  In the US, officials are elected to set terms.  However, there are some states in which people are able to get rid of an official before that official serves out their term.  The official does not have to commit a crime of the sort that would lead to impeachment.  Instead, they only have to make enough voters angry enough to sign recall petitions.  The major example of a recall in the last few years has been the recall election for the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker.  A recall election was held largely because of Walker’s policies towards unions, but Walker won and stayed in office.

The implication of recall elections is that they provide for more direct democracy.  This is why they were implemented in some states during the Progressive Era.  Some people feel that it is important for the people to have the greatest possible control over their elected representatives.  The ability to recall such officials gives the populace more control.

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