Lord of the Flies Questions and Answers
by William Golding

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What are examples or ideas to illustrate the boys' ability to cope with their new enviroment using self-awareness in the Lord of the Flies?

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A prime example of the boys using self-awareness to help cope with their circumstances in Lord of the Flies is when Jack discovers how to use the paint to camouflage his appearance.  As a hunter, Jack struggles to sneak up on his prey and catch them unaware.  He observes to Roger

"They don't smell me. They see me, I think.  Something pink, under the trees" (63).

Jack demonstrates his self-awareness by analyzing his previous failures at hunting and realizing the cause of his lack of success.  He then takes this knowledge and applies it to his next endeavor, so he can be successful.  Jack realizes that he must conceal his noticeable skin and devises a plan to create a type of camouflage "for hunting. Like in the war. You know--dazzle paint" (63).

Jack's ability to perceive his own reality and alter his approach to hunting reveals how self-aware and perceptive he is.  Using the mask makes all the difference in Jack's hunting, enabling him to make his first kill.

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