What exactly was the Hitler Myth? 

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The Hitler Myth was the myth that was built up around Adolf Hitler so that he could be seen as the one leader and savior of the German people.  It was meant to increase popular support for his leadership and that of the Nazi Party.

As he came to power, Hitler and his propaganda people built up a myth around him.  It emphasized two main points.  First, it presented Hitler as something of a superman.  Nazi ideology held that people who had superior wills could and should rule over those who had lesser wills.  Hitler was presented as the person with the most dominant will, a personification of the strengths of the German people.  This gave him the right to rule over them.  Second, the Hitler Myth portrayed Hitler as the protector of the German people.  The myth argued that the German people were being targeted by enemies from all around.  The Soviet Union and the Western powers were out to get Germany in this view.  Hitler was the only one who could defend Germany from these enemies.

The Hitler Myth was this two-part image of Hitler.  It was built up to legitimize his rule and to make it more likely that people would follow and obey him.

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