What exactly is the history behind Casey Academy? I'm trying to find historical significance about "Lust" but can't find the school anywhere.

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Lust, Masterplots II Short Stories Serirs by: Susan Minot is her analysis of the sexual revolution of the late 1960's and early 1970's from a female students' perspective at the Casey Academy. While the women's movement won tremendous victories on paper, Miss Minot gently suggests that there were some women who indulged in their new found freedom known as 'the pill', however were left feeling empty and discarded.  In Lust, the narrator's feelings of her story differed greatly from what her perception of what Love was. Unfortunately, the narrator found out the hard way by becoming emotionally detached from her male sexual counterparts. The story leaves the female reader holding on to the question, Are there differences between sexual equality that birth control is incapable of addressing?

As a female I found her story very interesting, and one that can be most reconciled between the experiences of women at least once in their lives.

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