What exactly is E.M. Forster's view of British Rule in India (as portrayed in A Passage to India)?

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The historical context into which Forster writes reflects a changing dynamic in England and its colonies.  Most notably with Irish unrest, there is a definite belief that England's hold over its colonial interests was far from absolute.  This is brought out in Forster's depiction of British Rule in India.  Calling them "little gods," and making the assertion that the traditionalist notion of British understanding of clear and distinct realms where superiority and inferiority are emphasized through stratification, Forster's depiction of British rule is one fraught with challenges.  Forster is able to show that Fielding's approach is probably the best path for allowing coexistence between Indians and British.  Yet, as seen with his resignation from the club, it is painfully apparent that this is not the view embraced by most British in India.