What exactly can you see in an art piece of Janet Fish--an art piece named "June 1999"?

Expert Answers
loveart eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm not sure what you mean by "what can you see".  Janet Fish's process involves painting elaborate reflections, highlights and shadows, refractions of light through glass. The result is very complex and filled with light and convincing realism. It has been theorized that many artists who do this kind of photo realism resort to photographic projections to get the details, which is an old Renaissance technique. It's controversial but, in my opinion, not cheating.  As far as I know Janet Fish is not in the habit of imbedding secret messages into her work. The work speaks for itself in its virtuoso use of paint.

jenflo | Student

It is called ...


Ingrid's Clementine with Tulips, 1999