What exact style of poem is a narrow fellow in the grass, free style or blank verse , rhyme maybe?

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The most consistent feature of the poem is the iambic rhythm pattern - sets of two syllables with the accent on the second in each set. This means it is not free style, a poem with no specific rhyme or rhythm structure. Blank verse uses the iambic rhythm structure, but usually with a pentameter line, meaning five sets of two syllables or a total of ten syllables per line. "A Narrow Fellow in the Grass" does not follow this standard, since lines of the poem might have six, seven, or eight syllables.

A nar-row Fel-low in the Grass
Oc-ca-sion-al-ly rides
You may have met Him - Did you not
His no-tice sud-den is
The only absolutely true rhyme in the poem is in the final stanza, using the words "alone" and "bone." In other stanzas, there are close rhymes based on similar vowel or consonant sounds but not a perfect match. "Rides" and "is" both have the final "s" consonant but are not truly rhyming words due to the different vowel sounds preceding the consonant.
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