What evils plagued England and France in 1775?

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Instead of approaching this from the perspective of "evils," let's look more generally at what was occurring in 1775 in England and France.

England was about to experience the American Revolution. The American colonies were important to Britain's economy, but the colonists started the revolution with the aim to be free of British rule, partly due to being taxed heavily by the British government.

France was at peace, but there was great unrest, and the French Revolution (1789) was on the horizon. France helped the American colonists during the American Revolution and was in debt. Cultural changes, partly brought on by the American Revolution, influenced thinking against the monarchy, as did the rule of Louis XVI. Louis XVI became king in 1774 and was considered tyrannical. Inflation was high, including, famously, the cost of bread. Queen Marie Antoinette's famous supposed, but not historically accurate, line upon hearing that the people couldn't afford bread was "Let them eat cake."

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