What are examples of evil, hypocrisy, and injustice in To Kill a Mockingbird?Please explain in detail.

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There are many examples of these three terms in To Kill a Mockingbird. The single most evil character in the novel is Bob Ewell, whose loathsome life offers no positive aspects whatsoever. He is a man who neglects his children, beats his daughter, accuses an innocent man of a capital crime that causes his death, and attempts to murder Jem and Scout. Hypocrisy can be found in many of the women in the story. Scout's teachers are guilty of this, particularly Miss Gates, who professes her contempt for Hitler's treatment of the Jews, but whose own opinion of Maycomb's Negroes does not differ greatly from Hitler's own hatred. The ladies of the Missionary Circle sympathize with the Mruna tribe in Africa, but not with their own black neighbors in Maycomb. Injustice abounds in Maycomb: Boo Radley is unjustly accused of crimes of which he is innocent; the jury disregards the facts presented to them and convicts Tom Robinson, who has been falsely charged with the rape of a white woman; Negroes are routinely discriminated against; men like Atticus and Dolphus Raymond are scorned for being "nigger-lovers"; and children and women are regarded as second-class citizens.

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Scout's lesson about Hitler, Aunt Alexandra's Missionary group

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